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  • 2022 Global Smart Harbors Forum Sea Kaohsiung

About Kaohsiung

Facing the Taiwan Strait on the west and Bashi Channel to the south, Kaohsiung is a beautiful and modern metropolis located in South Taiwan and the second largest city on the island. Greater Kaohsiung, with a population of close to 3 million, possesses within its limits a wide variety of natural landscapes and living facilities, making it set to thrive as a new global city.

With its international airport, world-class seaport and high-speed rail, Kaohsiung is easily reachable from anywhere in the world. Access into and within the city is enhanced by the new light-rail system and underground MRT, which have all contributed to turn the city into a center for global production and a springboard for ventures into the global market.

Buoyed by years of continuous efforts from citizens and city government alike, Kaohsiung has advanced from a business-driven, industrial city, into a city of culture, tourism, green spaces and sustainability. The Asia New Bay Area Redevelopment Project on its harbor, is one of the important milestones on this journey. The New Bay Area features 4 major centers (the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, Kaohsiung Port Terminal, the Maritime Cultural & Pop Music Center and Kaohsiung Main Public Library) and the 1st stage of the light-rail system. These projects have transformed this city-harbor area into a hub for industrial innovation, attracting public and private investment.

Ever since the 2009 World Games, Kaohsiung has been accumulating successful experience in holding remarkable mega events and is more than qualified to host major international expos and large conventions, such as the 2018 International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) World Championship and the renown International Congress & Conference Association (ICCA) Congress in 2020. With continuous improvement and innovative investments, Kaohsiung continues to evolve, rising from its roots as an industrial manufacturing city into a vibrant and international MICE city. An exciting journey!

Kaohsiung launched the Global Harbor Cities Forum (GHCF) in 2016 as a platform for addressing the sustainable economic growth of harbor cities with the aim of encouraging international cooperation among fellow cities with common issues. Cities learned from and exchanged successful experience with other cities in order to apply fresh approaches towards achieving global prosperity. Kaohsiung is constantly searching for ways of creating new value to let it better serve as an example for its partner global harbor cities.

The City of Kaohsiung is ready and waiting for you! 

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