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  • 2022 Global Smart Harbors Forum Sea Kaohsiung

Welcome Message

Our honored guests,

Welcome to the smart harbor city of Kaohsiung!

Although the COVID-19 pandemic, which arrived unexpectedly in 2020, has brought the world economy to a standstill, it has sped up digital transformation in various countries. While preparing for a restart, Kaohsiung City has been combating the pandemic and has also established a comprehensive semiconductor industrial cluster and assisted with the digital transformation of conventional industries under the support of the central government. The Asia New Bay Area has become Taiwan's most sophisticated site for 5G & AIoT applications, creating a smart application ecosystem. Meanwhile, policies for human-oriented space and environmental sustainability have been developed to turn Kaohsiung into the most livable city.

The 2022 Global Smart Harbors Forum, following in the footstep of the Global Harbor Cities Forum, is also a collaboration platform for harbor cities all over the globe. With the theme of "Sea Kaohsiung - Asia New Bay Area: Predominating Advancement," the Forum invites stakeholders and experts who are mindful of harbor transformation and city development, as well as harbor city representatives, to gather at the seafront Asia New Bay Area and explore post-pandemic opportunities for harbor city development!

Kaohsiung Mayor

Kaohsiung Mayor